Welcome to Mount Pleasant West

Mount Pleasant West is a midtown Toronto neighbourhood that lives up to its name. Mount Pleasant West is bordered by Yonge Street to the west, Mount Pleasant Road to the east, Keewatin Avenue to the north, and the cemetery to the south.

What it's like

A pleasant and walkable neighbourhood, you can access everything you need on foot. Greenspace is steps away, with parks for walking the dog, playing with your kids, or taking a scenic stroll. Like other midtown areas, if you live in Mount Pleasant West and work downtown you won’t need a car to get to work. 

The Neighbourhood

While Mount Pleasant's real estate is popular with many people, the majority of your neighbours here will be between ages 20-54. The proximity to downtown is attractive to working-age residents, and the peaceful streets appeal to many people, including families with kids.

The parklands in Mount Pleasant West. There is a feeling of calmness here, and many residents enjoy taking a daily walk through the cemetery grounds. For a livelier setting, head to June Rowlands Park for a playground, music garden, tennis club, and a splash pad for the kids. 

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